Welcome Message from Co-chairs

We are delighted to invite you to the Second International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC2009) on 7-9 October 2009 in Hong Kong.

Jointly organized by the Hong Kong Climate Change Forum and The Climate Group, the conference will bring together leading experts from a wide range of disciplines to discuss the impact realities of climate change. It also serves as an important regional platform for stakeholders to enter into dialogue on policies and new strategies in sustaining business growth and managing risk in the context of climate change.

Some of the key issues to be addressed at the conference include:
business risks and realities, and strategies for pursuing low carbon opportunities in Asia and globally;
the research, and the regional implications for mitigating climate change and adaptation to adverse climate impacts that are already underway;
low carbon leadership in China and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region, and the immediate market opportunities, regionally and globally, in sustaining economic growth and recovery.

ICCC2009 will engage Hong Kong professionals and business leaders with their international counterparts on one of the critical issues of our time, and create a platform for thought leadership and dialogue on climate change through a three-day conference program.

We anticipate discussion on the PRD to be one of the key distinguishing features of this conference. Its transition to a low carbon economy is already well underway and accelerating rapidly with the support of both Central and Provincial Governments. What is emerging in the PRD are policies for reform and development which encourage low energy consumption and lower pollution. These essential components provide a snapshot of China's reform and development strategy in integrating considerations on sustainability and climate change.

We hope the ICCC2009 provides insights and ideas to help you develop your strategy in meeting the challenges and opportunities the low carbon economy presents. We encourage you to explore our website and look forward to your participation at the ICCC2009 on 7-9 October in Hong Kong.

W. Bruce Hicks – HKCCF
ICCC2009 Co-chair
Changhua Wu – The Climate Group
ICCC2009 Co-chair

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