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ICCC2009 Speaker Information
Speaker Information
Keynote Speakers

Sandy Flockhart
Chief Executive Officer
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HKSAR)
Sandy Flockhart has been Chief Executive Officer of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited since 25 July 2007. He has been appointed an executive Director of HSBC Holdings plc, with effect from 1 May 2008. He is also currently Global Head of Commercial Banking. As Group Managing Director Asia-Pacific, Mr. Flockhart is a member of the HSBC Group Management Board. He is also Chairman and non-executive director of HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad, a director of HSBC Bank Australia Limited and a non-executive director of HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited and Hang Seng Bank.

Mr. Flockhart was previously Group General Manager, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC in Mexico from 2002 to 2006 and Group Managing Director Latin America from 2006 to July 2007. From December 1999 to July 2002, he was Senior Executive Vice President, Commercial Banking, HSBC Bank USA and Chairman, HSBC Bank Mexico S.A., heading the businesses of personal and commercial banking in the USA, Panama and Mexico.

In December 2007, Mr. Flockhart was named a Commander of the British Empire in the Queen's New Years Honours List in recognition of his services to British business and charitable services and institutions in Mexico. In January 1995, he was appointed Deputy Managing Director of HSBC's 40 per cent-owned associate, The Saudi British Bank, which is headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He was later appointed Managing Director in 1997.

From 1992-1994, Mr. Flockhart served as Chief Executive Officer of HSBC in Thailand. His previous appointments include postings to Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Mr. Flockhart is a director of the VISA International Asia Pacific Regional Board. He is also a member of the Chongqing Mayor's International Economic Advisory Council.

Mr. Flockhart was educated in Edinburgh, Scotland where he attended George Watson's College. He joined HSBC in July 1974 after graduating in law (LLB) from Edinburgh University.
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Since May 2008 Walter Fust is CEO/Director of the Global Humanitarian Forum in Geneva. ( He worked in banking and public administration before entering the Swiss Diplomatic service in 1975 where he saw postings at Geneva, Baghdad and Tokyo. From September 1983 until end of 1984 he served in the integration office (EFTAlEU). During the years 1985 and 1986 he was personal advisor to federal councilor Dr. Kurt Furgler, Minister of Public Economy and President of the Swiss Confederation (1985). End of 1986 he was elected as managing director of the Swiss office for trade promotion (OSEC). From 1990 to 1993, he was Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior (Science/Research, Environment, Culture, Social Affairs, Public Health etc.). During the period of September 1993 and April 2008, Ambassador Walter Fust was head of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Walter Fust is chairman of UNESCO's International Program for the Development and Communication (IPDC) and President of Geneva ( He serves as member of the International Forum of Federations (Ottawa) and in the Board of Trustees of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the new library of Alexandria/Egypt. He is member of the Board of the International Risk Governance Council/Geneva and philanthropy foundations.

Walter Fust holds a Masters degree in Political Science from St. Gallen University.

Walter Fust
Global Humanitarian Forum (Switzerland)

Dr. Kejun Jiang
Director of Research Management and International Collaboration Division
Energy Research Institute (China)
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Dr. Kejun Jiang began research on climate change relative to energy policy analysis in 1993, focusing on energy technology policy assessment, energy supply policy assessment, renewable energy development and energy conservation. At present he is working on energy and environment policy assessment and is leading China's Integrated Policy Assessment Model (IPAC) team. His major focus includes energy and emission scenarios, energy policy, energy system, energy market analysis, climate change, local environment policies and international negotiation.

From 1997, Dr. Kejun Jiang participated in Working Group III of the International Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report and was a lead author for the the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (Working Group Three Chapter 3) and for GEO-4 Chapter 2.

Dr. Kejun Jiang's recent studies include energy and emission scenarios, assessment on energy and fuel tax, research on China's potential to achieve its energy targets and development of the Integrated Policy Assessment model. He received his Ph.D in Social Engineering from the Department of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

(Source: EU-China Interdependencies on Energy and Climate Security)
H.E. Lumumba Stanislaus-Kaw
Ambassador and 
Deputy Permanent
Representative of
Sudan to the
United Nations in
New York Chair
of the Group of 77
and China in
New York for 2009
(United States)
Lumumba Stanislaus-Kaw Di-Aping is the Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Sudan to the United Nations in New York, and the Chair of the G77 and China in New York for 2009. Ambassador Di-Aping has the responsibility of coordinating the G77 and China positions and acting as the spokesperson on pressing issues. (Source: The Global Environmental Governance Project 2009)
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Dr. Boon-ying Lee took up the directorship of the Hong Kong Observatory this year. Before joining the Observatory, he graduated from the University of Hong Kong and received his weather education in the United Kingdom. Dr. Lee has been involved in public and aviation weather services, training and public education, as well as in instruments and observation systems. Internationally, he has worked as expert and chairperson in a number of technical working groups and sessions under the World Meteorological Organization. The current emphasis in the Observatory's work is on forecasting of severe weather particularly tropical cyclones, and on climate change.

Dr. Boon-Ying Lee
Hong Kong Observatory (HKSAR)

Professor Erda Lin
Chief Scientist and Executive Director General
Agro-Environment and Sustainable
Development Institute
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and
Lead Author
The Second Working Group of IPCC (China)
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Professor Lin is a member of standing committee of 11th National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and a member of its Sub-Committee for Population, Resources and Environment, a member of National Expert Committee for Climate Change

Since 1988, Professor Lin has served as Deputy Director and Director-General of the Institute for 15 years. He is also a member of standing committee of China Economic and Social Council, a Member of Executive Board of All-China Environment Federation. Professor Lin has Applied Meteorology degrees. His current research focus is on climate change both impacts, vulnerability and GHG emission mitigation, especially for agriculture, including as a project leader of UK/China cooperation on climate change and agriculture, Lead authors of National Report on Climate Change Impact and Adaptation, IPCC 1-4 assessment reports and other near 10 IPCC relevant reports, National policy reports, and 8 scientific books and 82 journal publications.
Professor Yanhua Liu has been serving as Vice Minister and Member of the Leading Party Group of the Ministry of Science and Technology since November 2001. He is a member of the Communist Party of China. Prior to his appointment as Vice Minister he has served successively as Assistant Researcher, Associate Researcher and Researcher of the Institute of Geography; Doctorate Adviser, laboratory director and Director of the Institute of Geography; Deputy Director-General of the Department of Social Development (as a Director-General ranking official), the State Science and Technology Commission; Director-General of the Department of Rural and Social Development, Ministry of Science and Technology. Professor Liu graduated from China University of Science and Technology with a Master's degree in geography. He also holds a doctorate degree in geography from the Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Yanhua Liu
Vice Minister
Member of the Leading Party
Group, Ministry of Science and
People's Republic of China

Dr. Gavin Schmidt
Climate Scientist
NASA Goddard Institute for
Space Studies
Co-author, Climate Change:
Picturing the Science
(United States)
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Gavin Schmidt is a climate modeller at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York and is interested in modeling past, present and future climate. He works on developing and improving coupled climate models and, in particular, is interested in how their results can be compared to paleoclimatic proxy data. He has worked on assessing the climate response to multiple forcings, including solar irradiance, atmospheric chemistry, aerosols, and greenhouse gases.

He received a BA (Hons) in Mathematics from Oxford University, a PhD in Applied Mathematics from University College London and was a NOAA Postdoctoral Fellow in Climate and Global Change Research. He was cited by Scientific American as one of the 50 Research Leaders of 2004, and has worked with the American Museum of Natural History, the College de France and the New York Academy of Sciences on communicating the science of climate change. He is the co-author (with photographer Joshua Wolfe) of "Climate Change: Picturing the Science" (published this year by W. W. Norton).
Mr. Wang Xiaokang graduated from Law Department of Beijing University and MBA of International Business & Economics University. He has worked as Craft, Director in the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Vice Director in the State Machinery Electronic Light and Textile Industry Investment Corporation, General Manager of SDIC Zhongjia company, General Assistant, General Economist and Vice General Manager of State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC). Now he is the President and Vice Secretary of Party Committee of China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation ( CECIC ).
CECIC is the largest state owned enterprise among the top ranked professional energy conservation and environmental protection agencies in China. Mr. Wang, the leader of CECIC, focuses on promoting the energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction and environmental protection development. The pursuit of the Mr. Wang is "to unify all the people, devote to energy conservation and environmental protection, cherish our homeland of the Earth".

Xiaokang Wang
China Energy Convservation
Investment Corporation (China)

The Honourable
Edward Yau

Secretary for the Environment
Hong Kong Special Administrative
Region Government (HKSAR)
Edward Yau is Secretary for the Environment of Hong Kong. He oversees the policies for promoting the environmental well-being of Hong Kong, which is one of the priorities of the third term HKSAR Government (2007-2012). Mr. Yau's responsibilities cover environmental protection, energy, nature conservation and sustainable development, with a view to building Hong Kong into a greener city.

Mr. Yau took with him to his ministerial post more than 20 years of public administration experience. He joined the Government as an Administrative Officer in 1981. During his years as a career civil servant, he has held various positions, including Director of Information Services, Deputy Secretary for Education and Manpower, Deputy Director-General of Trade and Industry, as well as Director-General of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Washington.

Air quality and climate change are high priorities on Mr. Yau's policy agenda. The incorporation of energy into his portfolio has given him an important policy tool in enhancing the city's air quality and tackling climate change. He has embarked on an exercise to update Hong Kong's Air Quality Objectives, with an aim of benchmarking the Air Quality Guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation as the ultimate goal. The new objectives will be underpinned by a series of supporting measures to help achieve the guidelines. He has introduced measures to enhance energy efficiency as part of Hong Kong's strategy to combat climate change. Mr. Yau has also made progress in promoting clean energy in Hong Kong, including securing new sources of natural gas and nuclear energy supply from the Mainland and offering incentives for the city's power companies to use renewable energy. In the initial two years of his term, he has enacted legislation on product eco-responsibility and waste separation in buildings, among other initiatives to promote sustainable waste management.

Mr. Yau is currently working on a project to accord national geopark status for sites of unique geological features in the northeast New Territories area.

Mr. Yau graduated from the University of Hong Kong. He received further education at Oxford University and at Harvard University.
Zhang Yue, born in Changsha in 1960, graduated from college in 1980 with a degree in fine arts. After working as a teacher and a librarian for several years, he founded Broad in 1988. He is currently the Chairman of Broad Air Conditioning.

Since childhood, Zhang Yue has been keenly interested in creating art and literature, and after founding Broad, he poured his innate passion for creative work into his company. One after the other he has obtain over 100 patents for his inventions: in 1989 the Non-Pressurized Boiler, in 1992 the Direct Fire Chiller (non-electric air conditioning), in 1999 the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System, in 2005 the Electrostatic Dust Cleaning Indoor Air Conditioning Unit, and in 2009 the Factory Built Sustainable Building. Each of his inventions has transformed its respective industry, making Broad a technology leader in many fields.

Zhang Yue is the Vice Chair of the United Nations Environment Programme's Sustainable Builidngs & Climate Initiative (SBCI). After many years of painstaking research on energy efficient building technologies, in 2009 he drafted for UNEP the Building Energy Efficiency Guidelines, which proposed a set of measurable, reportable and verifiable indicators and measurements for a building energy efficiency standard.

Facing the issue of global warming, Zhang Yue's dream is that his non-electric air conditioning can replace electric counterpart, as non electric air conditioning is more than twice as energy efficient as electric air conditioning. But his greater dream is that through implementing his Buildng Energy Efficiency Guidelines, he can substantially increase the energy efficiency level of buildings themselves, because buildings hold 80% of the world's energy saving potential. He knows that improving the energy efficiency of buildings will affect his air conditioning business, but Zhang Yue believes that the future of the planet is always more important than that of his business.

Yue Zhang
Chairman and CEO
Broad Air Conditioning

Professor Xikang Zhao
Guangdong Strategic Research Centre
on Social Science and Modern
Development (China)
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Professor Xikang Zhao is Director of Institute of Modernization Strategy (IMS), Director of Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy Research (CEEPR), Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences (GDASS). Professor Zhao manages and conducts research on a number of aspects of environmental economics and policy and sustainable policy. These include the economic and policy aspects of distributed low carbon innovation policy. He has presided and finished more than 30 research projects of countries and provinces as well as having published over 60 articles, five monographs of which a number have been recognised by provincial and ministerial awards. Professor Zhao received his doctoratal degree from Nankai University.

Professor Johnny Chan
Director of Guy Carpenter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre
City University of Hong Kong
Professor Johnny Chan received his bachelor and master degrees in physics from the University of Hong Kong. After obtaining his Ph.D. in atmospheric science from Colorado State University, USA, he received a US National Research Council Post-doctoral Fellowship to perform research at the US Naval Postgraduate School. Later, he became an Adjunct Research Professor there.

Professor Chan returned to Hong Kong in 1986 to join the then Royal Observatory Hong Kong (now the Hong Kong Observatory) as a scientific officer. In 1989, he became a Senior Lecturer at the then City Polytechnic of Hong Kong and has been with the institution (now the City University of Hong Kong) since then. He is now the Chair Professor of Applied Physics and an Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. He is also a Croucher Foundation Senior Research Fellow.

Professor Chan is internationally renowned in the research areas of typhoons and monsoons. In recent years, he is also actively involved in the study of air pollution over Hong Kong. He has over 200 publications, including journal articles and conference papers.

Professor Chan is a member of the Committee on Tropical Meteorology and Tropical Cyclones of the American Meteorological Society, and of the Committee on Dynamic Meteorology of the Chinese Meteorological Society. He is also an editor of the Advances in Atmospheric Sciences journal and the Bulletin of the Hong Kong Meteorological Society.
(Source: City University, Laboratory for Atmospheric Research)
Director with the ADM Capital Foundation, Mrs. Sophie Le Clue is responsible for the Foundation's environmental investments including the identification/evaluation of projects and aligning financial investment with strategic philanthropic objectives.

Mrs. Le Clue has worked for the past 19 years in the field of environmental protection and conservation, principally in the Asia Pacific region. She started her career in the UK working in London for an international engineering consultant firm as an environmental consultant, before moving to Hong Kong in 1992. Since then, Mrs. Le Clue has directed and managed consultant teams working on a range of projects for both public and private sector organsiations, including environmental impact assessments, environmental management, policy and strategy development, as well as undertaking research projects in the Asia Pacific region, initially for Hyder Consulting and later as a senior consultant for Hong Kong Productivity Council.

In 2005, Mrs. Le Clue joined the non profit sector an associate director for the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA), where she was responsible for project management and investor research, speaking at seminars and conferences and assisting building market capacity for sustainable investment.

Mrs. Le Clue has published numerous papers, reports and articles on environmental issues during her time in Asia.

Sophie Le Clue
ADM Capital Foundation

Anne Copeland
Principal Associate
Green Building Services Limited
Mrs. Anne Copeland is a recognized leader in environmental, social and sustainability risk management, strategy development and reporting, and stakeholder engagement, with 20 years of financial, public and private sector consultancy, non-governmental and community experience in the Asia-Pacific Region and North America.
Bruce Hicks is the founder and Managing Director of TPIZ Resources Limited, an environmental project development company and holding company of Asia Clean Capital Limited and Green Building Services Limited. He is also Director of Asia Clean Capital and Green Building Services. Before establishing TPIZ Resources, Mr. Hicks was a founding partner and Executive Director of Distacom, a privately-held organization which, between 1994 and 2006 owned, operated and sold a portfolio of mobile telecom businesses across Asia. Between 2002 and 2006, Mr. Hicks was CEO of Distacom's SUNDAY Communications Limited of Hong Kong. BA (Hons) Electrical Engineering & MBA International Management Institute.
(Source: Company website)

Bruce Hicks
Conference Co-chair, International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC2009)
Managing Director, TPIZ Resources
(Hong Kong)

Isabel Hilton
(United Kingdom)
Isabel Hilton is founder and editor of chinadialogue, is a journalist, broadcaster, writer and commentator whose work appears in a wide range of international media, including The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Independent, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Economist, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, International Affairs, El Pais, Granta and the BBC. She has reported extensively from China, South Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa and is an experienced BBC radio presenter. She has authored and co-authored several books.

A widely respected commentator on Chinese affairs, she is also a trustee of Free Word, Accountability 21 and the Institute of Human Rights in Business, a member of the Expert Advisory Panel to GE's Citizenship Report and a member of the advisory board of the Arthur Ross Center for US China Relations at the Asia Society, New York. She holds honorary doctorates from the universities of Bradford and Stirling and was awarded an OBE in June 2009 for her work in raising environmental awareness in China.

Isabel Hilton graduated in Chinese at the University of Edinburgh, subsequently studying at the Peking Language Institute and Fudan University in Shanghai.
Steve is the Founder and CEO of The Climate Group and a leading authority on climate change and the low carbon economy. At The Climate Group, Steve has established a powerful international coalition of business and government leaders committed to advancing climate change solutions. He is also advising Tony Blair's recent climate initiative V Breaking the Climate Deadlock V to accelerate political momentum required for international agreement on a global climate deal in 2009. Before co-founding The Climate Group in 2003, Steve worked on a variety of social and environmental issues from within business, NGO and UN settings.

Steve is a judge on the Virgin Earth Challenge, a World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council member, and an expert on HRH Prince Charles's Rainforest Forest Project. His Leadership has been recognized by both, Scientific America and Time Magazine.

Dr. Steve Howard
The Climate Group

Dr. Andrew Jackson
Managing Director
Environmental Resources Management
Dr. Andrew Jackson is the Managing Director of ERM in Hong Kong. He has lived and worked in Asia for over 15 years and during this time has managed several large scale environmental policy assignments. He is currently leading a major policy study to develop options for a climate change strategy for Hong Kong.
Donald Kanak is Chairman of Prudential Corporation Asia (Asia Regional Headquarters of Prudential Group of the U.K.). He is also a senior fellow of the Harvard Law School Program on International Finance Systems. Don has lived and worked in the insurance business in Asia since 1986. He has served as director of the U.S.VChina Business Council and the U.S.VJapan Business Council and as a member of the Executive Committee of the U.S.VKorea Business Council. He was President (2002) and Chairman (2003) of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Society of Financial Service Professionals, and a trustee of WWF-Hong Kong. He has a BA in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, and a Master of Letters in Management Studies from Oxford University. He holds the CLU and ChFC designations from the American College.

Donald Kanak
Senior Fellow of Harvard Law School's Program on International Financial Systems
Chairman, Prudential Corporation Asia
Trustee of WWF Hong Kong

Dr. Gail Kendall
Hong Kong Climate Change Forum
Ms. Kendall is one of the founding members of the Hong Kong Climate Change Forum.

Until December 2008, Ms. Kendall was Director V Group Environmental Affairs in CLP, Holdings, Limited. The Group Environmental Affairs team helps CLP position its business with respect to emerging environmental issues.

Ms. Kendall wass also Managing Director of the CLP Research Institute (CLPRI) in Hong Kong until December 2008. CLPRI brings innovative and environmentally beneficial technology to CLP's domestic and international electric power businesses.

Before joining CLP, Ms. Kendall was Professor of the Practice of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ms. Kendall holds a doctorate from MIT, and bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. She is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, and received an Honorary Fellowship in The Energy Institute.
Dr. Jeanne Ng is responsible for the development of corporate environmental policy and strategy across the CLP Group. She joined CLP upon the establishment of the Group Environmental Affairs department in 2003. Dr. Ng has extensive experience in the environmental industry and has held senior roles in international environmental/engineering consulting companies prior to joining CLP. She was involved in most of the early Hong Kong governmental air pollution and climate strategy and policy studies and is regarded as one of Hong Kong's experts in air and greenhouse gas emissions inventories. Dr. Ng is a frequent guest lecturer on environmental and sustainable development issues at various Hong Kong universities.

Dr. Ng holds a BSc in Toxicology from the University of Toronto and a PhD in Environmental Management from the University of Hong Kong. She is currently the Chair of the Air and Waste Management Association (Hong Kong Section) and is on the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong People's Council for Sustainable Development.

Dr. Jeanne Chi Yun Ng
Director, Group Environmental Affairs
CLP Holdings

Otto Poon
Vice-chairman, Hong Kong Climate Change Business Forum
Managing Director, ATAL Engineering
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Otto is a Professional Engineer and Chairman of the ATAL Analogue Group of Companies.

He was a Member of Advisory Council on the Environment, Chairman of Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee, Chairman of Energy Advisory Committee, Chairman of Strategy Subcommittee of Council for Sustainable Development, Member of Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel and Member of Trustee Board, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK. He was also the President of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (1998/1999) and President of Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers (2004-2008).

He now serves as Adviser to Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre, Council Member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and President of the Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors.

Otto was awarded OBE in 1996 and BBS in 2003. He was elected as an Outstanding Hong Kong Polytechnic University Alumni in 1999 and was made a Fellow of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2007.
Mr. Salter has a bachelor of environmental science from Stirling University in Scotland, and a master of science in environmental technology and energy policy from Imperial College, London. He was working as a freelance environmental consultant, before joining the Climate Action Network Europe in Brussels and becoming director of the Asia Pacific climate and energy programme at WWF International, Brussels / Bangkok / Manila, and head of the climate programme at WWF Hong Kong.
Since September 2008, Mr. Salter maintains the position of managing director at Reset Hong Kong.

Liam Salter
Managing Director
Reset (HK) Limited

Andrew Thomson
Business Environment Council
Dr Andrew Thomson has over 20 years of working experience including 15 years in Asia undertaking environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects for public and private organizations. As the CEO of Business Environment Council, he is responsible for realizing the mission of the organization - to advocate the business case for sustainable development, and encourage the uptake of practices, which reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution and improve corporate environmental and social responsibility.

Dr. Thomson specializes in strategies for corporate sustainability from development of framework management systems including ISO 14001, ISO 18000 and SA 8000 to more in depth implementation plans for cleaner production, waste minimization, energy efficiency and corporate governance.

Dr. Thomson is also frequently invited as a speaker and moderator of local and overseas conferences addressing a diverse range topics regarding overall sustainable development or specific areas such as climate change, clean production, energy efficiency, waste management and sustainable tourism.
Alexandra Tracy is the founder of Hoi Ping Ventures, a private entity based in Hong Kong, which provides independent research and consulting on investment and sustainability issues.

Based in Asia for nearly twenty years, Mrs Tracy has worked in many aspects of the finance industry: as an investment banker, advising on major energy and infrastructure projects in developing countries in the region; as a corporate finance consultant; as head of Campden Publishing in Asia, focusing on private wealth management and family business sectors; and currently as Vice President - Strategy at First Eastern Investment Group, an independent investment group in Hong Kong.

Mrs. Tracy is Vice Chairman of the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia, and an Advisor to the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology's Asian Family Business Research Centre. She has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and MA degrees from Yale University and Cambridge University.

Alexandra Tracy
Hoi Ping Ventures

Changhua Wu
Greater China Director
The °Climate Group
Changhua Wu is The °Climate Group's Greater China Director. Based in Beijing, she leads The °Climate Group's operations and strategic development across the region. Before joining The °Climate Group, she was the Executive Director of China Operations of ENSR where she worked closely with multi-national corporations to support their business development in China and also their compliance with Chinese regulations.

A China specialist for about 15 years, Mrs. Wu is involved in major regional initiatives. She leads a world-wide professional network, Professional Association for China's Environment (PACE). She also serves on the Board of the Asia-Pacific Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP), the Standing Committee of Environmental Education Committee of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, and the Advisory Committee of Clean Air Initiative - China.

Prior to returning to China, Mrs. Wu directed the Program for China Studies at the World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington, DC. She also consulted for multinational organizations like the World Bank, UNEP, and UNDP. She was the 1993 Fellow of World Press Institute and 2004 Fellow of the Temple Law School's High-level US-China Roundtable on Environmental Law and Policy.

Mrs. Wu holds two graduate degrees, one in Law from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the other in Environmental Policy from University of Maryland.
(Source: Company website)
Dr. Yu heads The Climate Group's Policy and Research Program in China, based in Beijing.

Prior to joining TCG, she worked as Vice President of policy for low carbon banking group Climate Change Capital. She also served as a senior program manager for Heinrich Boell Foundation, leading its climate and environment funding projects. She worked as a policy advisor for Greenpeace China from 2004-2006. She has been participating in UNFCCC conferences since 2004 and has been actively engaged in policy work from the perspective of Chinese civil society.

Dr. Yu holds a Ph.D. in public policy from Nanjing University and her work focuses on China's policies towards climate change and energy conservation. She is also one of the authors of China's first wind energy report and has worked on various projects to promote sustainable energy policy in China.
(Source: Company website)

Dr. Jie Yu
China Head of Policy and Research
The °Climate Group

Dr. William Yu
Head of Climate Programme
WWF Hong Kong
William Y.P. Yu is Head of WWF's Climate Programme in Hong Kong. He is responsible for leading both public and business engagement programs on climate change including Climateers Carbon Calculator and Low Carbon Office Programs. He is also involved in the Earth Hour campaign, which has successfully attracted 2.9 million H.K. people to participate. Mr. Yu did his Ph.D. degree at the University of Cambridge, where he has had opportunities to work alongside the IPCC authors. Mr. Yu also holds an Executive MBA from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management. William has gained valuable regional management experience working for two U.S. multinationals.

Mr. Yu has lectured at the City University and as part of the MBA course of the Deakin University in Hong Kong. He supervised Cambridge's MBA project on Green Building Practice in the U.K. and Japan. William also acts as a referee for energy journals on climate and renewable energy articles. He has recently been one of the hosts of a Climate Change Program broadcasted on RoadShow (KMB) TV Channel in collaboration with Hong Kong Observatory. Mr. Yu's articles on climate policy appear in the Chinese newspaper such as Hong Kong Economic Journal, and SCMP. Mr. Yu is currently on the sustainability panel of several key business corporations, and a committee member of the Eco-village scheme proposed by the Professional Green Building Council. He is also a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing and Hong Kong Institute of Directors.

Robert Allender
Managing Director
Energy Resources Management
The Rio Earth Summit in 1992 awoke Robert Allender to two facts: not only were organisations in Asia wasting 20-80 percent of the energy they consumed each month, but little was being done about this waste. He founded Energy Resources Management ( that same year to provide professional services for decision-makers in such organisations. Acting as their coach or defacto “VP of Energy Management”, his work has resulted in clients saving millions of dollars in previously wasted energy expenditure.

In 1994 he developed a methodology for estimating greenhouse gas emissions and extended the company’s services to include enlightening clients about their GHG emissions, and how to compensate for those emissions, giving clients a 10 year head start on the practices of carbon footprinting and carbon offsetting. Every year he and his colleagues examine literally hundreds of low carbon technologies and techniques to ensure that clients can continue to make the best decisions.

Robert is a graduate of Cornell University and a twenty-year resident of Hong Kong. He sits on the steering committee of the Energy Efficiency Coalition, a network within the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP).
Teresa Au, reporting to the Regional CEO and the Chairman, is responsible for driving the overall direction and strategies of Corporate Sustainability (CS) across the 20 countries / territories in the Asia Pacific region where HSBC has business operations.

Mrs. Au is the Chairperson of HSBC’s Asia Pacific Regional Corporate Sustainability Management Committee, the Hong Kong and Asia Pacific Regional Diversity Councils, and the HSBC Sports Club. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee for the Hongkong Bank Foundation.

Mrs. Au is appointed by the Hong Kong SAR Government as a member of the Advisory Council on the Environment and the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee, the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Advisory Committee of the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, the Lump Sum Grant Steering committee, and the Committee on Promotion of Corporate Volunteering.

Mrs. Au’s community roles include Vice-Chairman of the Environment and Sustainability Committee of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, Vice-Chairman of the Steering Committee for The Hong Kong Council of Social Service - HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre, Board of Governors of Junior Achievement Hong Kong, Patron and Executive Committee member of the Climate Change Business Forum, Honorary Consultant of the Advisory Council of Hong Chi Association, Advisory Board member of the Asia Case Research Centre of The University of Hong Kong, etc.

Prior to her current role, she was the Head of Service and Sales for Personal Banking for the Asia Pacific Region for HSBC.

Teresa Au
Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Asia Pacific Region
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Arthur Bowring
Managing Director
Hong Kong Shipowners Association
Arthur Bowring is the Managing Director of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association and part time Maritime Arbitrator. He has a broad shipping background, which includes several years at sea as a deck officer, working as a ship surveyor for Lloyds Register, acting as an oil and dry cargo chartering and owning broker and freight trader for a major international trading house, handling marine insurance placing and claims and working as a consultant, handling investigative work, claims and project management. He is fellow and member of several professional associations and organisations.
Andrew Brandler is the Chief Executive Officer of CLP Holdings, the parent company of the CLP Group (formerly China Light and Power Company, Limited), a position he assumed in May, 2000.

Mr. Brandler has had an extensive career as a banker in the energy and utility sector in North America, Europe and, since 1995, in Asia. His experience covers power sector deregulation in the United States during the 1980s, and, moving back to London in 1989, the UK electricity industry privatization and deregulation in the early 1990s. Immediately prior to joining CLP, Mr. Brandler was Head of Asia-Pacific Corporate Finance at Schroders, the UK investment bank, based in Hong Kong.

Mr. Brandler holds an MA degree from Cambridge University, MBA degree from Harvard Business School, and is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Mr. Brandler is also the current Chairman of The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, a Council Member of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and The Hong Kong Management Association and a Member of the Operations Review Committee of the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Commission on Strategic Development of the Central Policy Unit of the Government of the HKSAR.

Andrew Brandler
Chief Executive Officer
CLP Holdings

Anders Brendstrup
Managing Director
Camco China
Anders Brendstrup has more than 15 years professional experience in the energy and environmental sector. He is currently managing director of Camco Carbon Credits in Asia with responsibility for Camco’s offices around Asia. Camco is a leading climate change and energy company, offering services in carbon emissions assessment and reduction, in addition to CDM. Camco is providing a greenhouse gas emissions assessment for the ICCC 2009 Conference, which will enable The Climate Group and conference participants to offset their GHG emissions, using carbon credits developed by Camco.

Prior to joining Camco, Mr. Brendstrup served as Senior Vice President for Dragon Power in China for 5 years. At Dragon Power he was responsible for building a biomass business in China where Dragon Power served as both key equipment supplier and investor in many of the projects. During this period 20 power plants were built and he gained extensive experience in planning, designing, constructing and operating biomass fired power plants. Before his time with Dragon Power Mr. Brendstrup worked as General Sales manager for the Danish company FLS Airtech who works with air pollution control systems. At FLS Mr. Brendstrup also worked 1.5 years in India setting up and running a joint venture supplying air pollution control systems to the power industry.

Mr. Brendstrup holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Technical University of Denmark and an MBA degree from Rutgers Business School in New Jersey.
James Scott Brew, FCSI, AIA, LEED AP is a Principal Architect and Urban Ecologist with Rocky Mountain Institute where he focuses on creating better communities, campuses and living sustainably in a post-carbon world.

Mr. Brew has nearly 3 decades of experience in historic preservation, designing healthy/high-performance/low-energy buildings, and creating sustainable campus, community and city plans. Before joining RMI, James spent 18 years as a principal owner, vice-president and leader of sustainable design, growing his own Minnesota-based architecture and engineering firm from a small, single-focused team, to over 165 people in 7 client-focused teams.

Mr. Brew is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences on the many aspects of sustainable design and he learns much from the people he meets and the places he visits; he envisions each of us working collaboratively, wherever we may live, to transcend the challenges we are facing to help lead us toward regenerative buildings and communities.

James Brew
Principal Architect
Rocky Mountain Institute
(United States)

Dr. Osvaldo Canziani
M. Sc and Diploma Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London. Doctorate in Meteorology, University of Buenos Aires.

Academician, National Academy of Environmental Sciences (Argentina); Member of the Doctors of the Environment Argentina Association; Member of the Council of the Club of Rome, Argentina’s Chapter; Advisor to the International Court, The Hague.

Co-Chair, IPCC WG2, in the Third and Fourth Assessment Reports. IPCC Vice-Chair, in the Second Assessment Report, Leading Author in the Supplement of the IPCC First Assessment.

World Bank Expert; Director of the Research Centre on Biometeorology, in Argentina; Advisor on Environmental Issues, Ministry of Foreign Relations (1982-2007).

WMO Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean; Regional Officer, ICAO South American Office; UNDP Representative in Paraguay; Director, ICAO Technical Assistance Mission to Paraguay (1955-1982).

Awards: Co-participant of the Peace Nobel Prize (2007); 2008 Human Rights Prize, B´nai B´rith Association. Decorations and Honorary Degrees from Latin American Countries and Universities.
Dr Chan is the CEO & Managing Director of Nature Elements Capital which is a specialist investment manager in the clean energy and cleantech sectors in Greater China.

He was Managing Director & Head of Investments- Greater China, Climate Change Capital (an investment firm managing over US$1.5 billion assets). He was responsible for all investment activities in carbon emission credits under the Clean Development Mechanism and environmental projects in Greater China.

Dr Chan was Managing Director of CLP Renewables, China Light and Power (CLP; a leading power company in Asia with a market capitalization of over US$16 billion). He was responsible for building and managing the clean energy and cleantech portfolio of CLP in Asia Pacific (particularly China, India and Australia). He managed over 400 staff and expanded CLP’s clean energy portfolio, including hydro, wind and biomass, ten-fold in just two years. In total, he developed over 500MW wind power, 550MW small hydropower and 150MW biomass power in Asia Pacific. Dr Chan was in charge of all aspects of business development, construction, operation and P&L of these projects. He was also responsible for all corporate finance activities of CLP in mainland China, including project financing, merger & acquisition, and project restructuring of energy assets. He had turned around non-performing energy assets successfully. His achievements at CLP included winning the prestigious “Corporate Developer of the Year” by Euromoney and Ernst & Young in the “Global Renewable Energy Awards 2006”.

As a leading expert in the industry, Dr Chan is frequently invited to chair or speak in major conferences, and interviewed by media.

Dr Chan started his career as an investment banker with Credit Suisse First Boston and NatWest Markets, focusing on corporate finance, equity and debt capital markets, and advisory.

Dr Chan has a BA (First Class Honours) in Electrical & Information Science, PhD in Electronic Engineering (thesis on thin-film semiconductor technology), both from Cambridge University. He has also obtained a Bachelor of Laws from London University and an EMBA from Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Dr. K. K. Chan
Founder and CEO
Nature Elements Capital

Wai-Shin Chan
Executive Director
Wai-Shin joined ASrIA in 2008. He previously worked with JPMorgan as the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) equity analyst for Asia, looking at sectors such as the environment & renewable energy, but also issues like corporate governance and climate change. Prior to ESG, Wai-Shin was part of JPMorgan’s Transportation Team, where he focused on the shipping and airline sectors. He has also worked previously with heritage Jardine Fleming in the consumer and technology teams and has consulted for organisations such as Greenpeace. Wai-Shin holds a degree in Mathematics and Physics from Durham University (first class honours) and is a CFA charterholder.
Mr. Huan Chen is Deputy Director General of the China CDM Fund Management Center, Ministry of Finance (MOF), China. He holds a Bachelor Degree of English Literature and Master Degree of Economics. In 1989, he joined MOF and since then engaged in international financial cooperation in a number of positions in World Bank Department and International Department of MOF. In 1999-2002, he worked in the Office of Executive Director for China in the World Bank, and served as Advisor and Alternate Executive Director. Since July 2007, he serves in the current position.

Huan Chen
Deputy Director of the Management Centre
China CDM Fund

Daniel Cheng
Deputy Chairman
Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Barbara Chiu is responsible for leading Cisco operations in Hong Kong and Macau, overseeing the strategy and field sales operations in these markets.

Barbara joined Cisco in 2006 as manager, enterprise and financial services, bringing to the company more than two decades of experience and expertise in telecom and IT operations. Under her leadership, sales for the financial services and in Hong Kong increased significantly. Barbara was appointed as general manager, Hong Kong and Macau in January 2008.

In her time with Cisco, Barbara has quickly made a widespread impact with her collaborative mindset. She is keen on people-oriented management and is strong in coaching and grooming of talent. Her contributions have been well recognized and she was named Manager of the Year in Hong Kong, Best Regional Manager in Greater China and Sales Champion in 2007, and Best Country Manager of the Year in APAC in 2008.

Before joining Cisco, Barbara held various senior management positions during her time at Hongkong Telecom (now PCCW). Prior to PCCW, Barbara held various positions at Hewlett Packard Hong Kong.

Barbara holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the State University of San Diego, California. She also plays an active role in charity and community affairs.

Barbara Chiu
General Manager
Cisco Systems Hong Kong & Macau

Chan-Yau Chong
Convenor of Hong Kong Civil Society
Delegation to Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change
Mr. Chan-Yau Chong is the Chairman of the Hong Kong People's Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) which organized the first NGO delegation to the UNFCCC Conference in Bali in 2007.

Mr. Chong is the convenor of the Hong Kong NGO delegation to Copenhagen in 2009, which is co-organised by PCSD and the Professional Commons. In his other capacity, Mr. Chong is member of the public policy thinktank Professional Commons. He is also Chairman of Carbon Care Asia, an integrated carbon solution provider, an Advisor to the Director-General of Oxfam Hong Kong and Director of Student Development, The University of Hong Kong.
Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger
The Centre for International Sustainable Development Law in Canada
Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger is Director of the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law in Canada, a Fellow of the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge, a Councillor with the World Future Council and directs international affairs for the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources. She is author/editor of eleven books on sustainable development law and policy, including Sustainable Development Law: Principles, Practices and Prospects (Oxford University Press, 2004) with A. Khalfan; Sustainable Justice: Reconciling Economic, Social and Environmental Law (Martinus Nijhoff, 2004) with former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice, Judge C. G. Weeramantry; Sustainable Development in World Trade Law (Kluwer Law International, 2005) with Dr. Markus Gehring; and several other scholarly and juridical publications.

With the CISDL, she serves as senior legal adviser to countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia on the implementation of sustainable development accords, including several regional and global trade and investment agreements, the Cartegena Protocol / UN Convention on Biological Diversity, the Kyoto Protocol / UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and Drought, and the FAO Seed Treaty. She lectures in law for the International Development Law Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme, several United Nations Economic Commissions, and faculties of law in Canada, the U.K., Belgium, Kenya, and Chile. She is an expert member of the International Law Association's Committee on International Law on Sustainable Development and serves on the Board of the ILA in Canada, chairs a joint CISDL - ILA - IDLO Partnership on International Law for Sustainable Development, under the auspices of the World Summit for Sustainable Development, and chairs an IUCN Environmental Law Commission Experts Group on Trade and the Environment.

Ms. Cordonier Segger has served as an editor for the Revue Québécoise de Droit International, on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Environment Network, as an advisor to the Canadian International Development Agency and Foreign Affairs Canada, and on several Canadian delegations to the United Nations and to international treaty negotiations. She has been an Associate Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a Chevening Scholar at the Oxford University Faculty of Law, and twice appointed an AVINA Fellow. She holds a SSHRC Fellowship for a mid-career Ph.D. in International Law at Oxford University Faculty of Law (Exeter College), as well as a BCL & LL.B. (McGill), an MEM (Yale) and a BA Hons (IIS). She is fluent in English, French and Spanish, with a notion of Portuguese and German.
David Dodwell is Chief Executive and founder of Strategic Access Limited. Actively involved in the Hong Kong business community, Mr. Dodwell is vice-chairman, government relations of the British Chamber of Commerce. He is also chairman of the Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries of the HKGCC.

Mr. Dodwell spent 18 years as a Financial Times journalist, mostly in Asia, with a secondment to the China Daily in Beijing. In the decade between leaving the Financial Times and creating Strategic Access, he held three senior positions in Hong Kong combining corporate communications, government relations and public policy research at GolinHarris, Jardine Fleming, and as private consultant for the HKTDC.

Mr. Dodwell co-authored with Professor Michael Enright The Hong Kong Advantage. He has served as a member of a number of HK government advisory committees, and was in 2001 awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star for his contribution to the international community’s understanding of Hong Kong.

David Dodwell
Chief Executive Officer
Strategic Access Limited

Yan Du
Vice Chief Planner
Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen
Mrs. Yan Du is the director of the Chief Division Office and Vice-Chief Planner in the Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen (UPDIS). She is also a National Senior Planner, Registered Planner, and Shenzhen Exploration and Design Profession's first Top Ten Youth Planner.

As a planner, she has long been concerned about Shenzhen's urban planning, management and construction through involvement in a wide range of topics, including leadership and participation of projects such as the city’s: 1996-2010 Master Plan, water strategy, urban development and meteorological interaction research, the development of regulations for the protection of Dapeng Peninsula, and the Shenzhen Bay watershed sewage layout planning review among others.
Dr. Ediger’s research and project work cover a range of social and environmental impacts in Asia, with a focus on water and climate change. She has worked with global companies on strategy and implementation of issues related to sustainable forestry, wastewater treatment, environmental compliance, and supply chain practices, as well as contributing to BSR’s Research & Innovation reports and publications. Prior to joining BSR, Dr. Ediger conducted research in China on environmental policy, land use, migration, and forestry, and was a research fellow at the Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Beijing. Dr. Ediger holds a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Laura Ediger
Environmental Manager
Business for Social Responsibility

Professor Gang Fan
Director, National Economics Research Institute, China Reform Foundation
Professor, Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Dr. Fan Gang is a highly distinguished economist trained at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, an elite government think tank overseeing numerous research institutes. In addition to his duties as a professor of that think tank and director of the prestigious NERI-China, Fan devotes his considerable energy to serving as an advisor to the Chinese government and consultant to a number of international organizations. Dr. Fan is a prolific author as well, with over 100 academic papers and eight books on macroeconomics and the economics of transition to his name.

Dr. Fan has been a proponent of using tight monetary policy coupled with an expansionary macroeconomic policy to stimulate China’s domestic demand, which remained sluggish during 1999. Although critics of the Chinese government’s massive investment in infrastructure construction maintained that such public spending merely increased government debt and had so far failed to achieve its purpose, Dr. Fan recommended patience, pointing out that macroeconomic policies take time to work and that in the absence of adequate private investment, the government was obliged to step in until the market economy became firmly established.

Dr. Fan Gang, having earned his Ph.D. in economics at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, went on to become an economics professor there. He also rose to the directorship of the National Economic Research Institute of the China Reform Foundation. He currently holds both titles.
(Source: IMD, Evian Group)
Dr. Paul Forster is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Co-Director of the new Environmental Management and Technology program. He is currently working on projects related to carbon strategy and logistics and is a regular speaker at international conferences and publishes academic and popular articles on the topic. Dr. Forster holds five degrees in four different fields including a PhD from the University of California, Irvine and an MBA from the Ivey School of Business.

Dr. Paul Forster
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Dr. Glenn Frommer
Head of Sustainability Development
MTR Corporation
Dr. Glenn Frommer is the Head of Sustainability Development for the Mass Transit Railway Corporation where he has worked since 1992. He has the responsibility for implementing MTRC’s sustainability policies and all environmental assessments for new rail projects, and reporting on achievements through the MTRC’s internationally benchmarked Sustainability Reports. He is a member and fellow of several international and Hong Kong professional, associations. He is the Honorary Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission for the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and a past Chair of the Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment (HKIEIA). Dr. Frommer received his Doctorate from Stanford University in 1977 and was a Fulbright Fellow in Denmark 1977-78.
Graduated from Nankai University and majored in Economics, Guo received PhD from Nankai University in 1991. Guo has abundant work experiences in university, government and large enterprises. He has token charge of kinds of consulting business for governments and enterprises since he joined CDI in 1995. CDI is an independent think tank in Shenzhen with strong government background. As the Vice President of CDI, Guo is in charge of economic research & consulting, especially the study on the Chinese government’s policy making for both central and local governments.

In 2006, Guo was the head of the research project called “Study on the Important Areas and Regions in the New Round of the China’s Opening”, which was entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce of China. And he also took charge of the “Study on the Development Strategies of Cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong” entrusted by Shenzhen Municipal Government. He is also interested in the southeast of China, especially the economic relationship among Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Guo specializes in the fields of Macroeconomics & Industrial Policy Studies. In recent two years, his research is focus on Low Carbon Economy. At present, Guo is the director of low carbon economy research group in CDI after he came back from Chevening Programme in UK. In this year, Dr. Guo has given the presentations about climate change, such as “China’s Policy’s on Climate Change: Prospective of Development” on 28th February 2009, “Building New Multilevel Governance On Climate Change: What Can We Learn From Scottish Government”.

Professor Wanda Guo
Vice President
China Development Institute

Rita Hausmann
Consultant Geo (Storm)
Geo Risks Research, Munich Re
Since March 2007 Rita Hausmann is working for Munich Re Hong Kong Branch office with current responsibilities for Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Catastrophe Modeling as well as Climate Change Issues for the Asian Market. Her present responsibilities include the development of tropical cyclone models for selected Asian countries.

Having joined Munich Re Munich in 1999, she spent the first five years in the Geo Risk Research Department responsible for Storm Risk Assessment world wide. These years included a detailed vulnerability study following the winter storms 1999 in Europe, severe weather and hail assessments as well as consulting the development and use of catastrophe models.

In November 2004 she joined the Munich Re Italia office in Milan as consultant to the Italian Insurance Association ANIA (Associazione Nazionale fra le Imprese Assicuratrici) for Project SIGRA (Sistema Integrato per la Gestione del Rischio Alluvionale) a national market solution to cope with flood risk. Further she coordinated the natural catastrophe accumulation control and other natural catastrophe related issues for Munich Re Italia office.

She has studied Atmospheric Physics and Applied Mathematics at Munich University, Monash University (Melbourne) and Frankfurt University and obtained the German Diplom (equivalent to Masters degree) in Meteorology at Munich University in 1997. Her academic studies focused on Parameterization of Convection for Large Scale Numerical Models. She then started her career as Research Associate at Meteorological Institute of Munich University before joining Munich Re Group in 1999.
Peter is a champion for developing global practice that demonstrates that the way we invest public and private money in the built environment could be made very much more effective if the public and private sector adopted sustainable development principles. He is a civil and structural engineer who has become a recognised world leader in major bridges (he received an OBE for successfully delivering the Second Severn Crossing as Government Agent), advanced composite technology and now in sustainable development in cities. He has won many awards for his work including the Award of Merit of IABSE, the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Silver Medal and the Prince Philip Award for Polymers in the Service of Mankind.

He joined Arup in 2004 to create and lead their planning and integrated urbanism team and now heads this team globally. He was appointed in 2002 by the Mayor of London as an independent Commissioner on the London Sustainable Development Commission and leads the planning and development sub-group of the Commission. He is the RAEng judge for the Prince Philip Designers’ Prize.

Peter is project director for the planning and development of the Dongtan Eco-city demonstrator on Chongming Island in Shanghai, and the Wanzhuang Eco-City in LangFang near Beijing for the client Shanghai Industrial Investment Co.

In July 2008 he was awarded an honorary doctorate in engineering at Bristol University, where he is a visiting Professor in Systems Engineering.

In October 2008 Peter was appointed as Innovation Champion for Thames Gateway. Peter was 2008 Principal Voice on CNN and in the October 2008 issue of Time magazine, he was nominated as one of 30 global eco-heroes.

Peter has also been awarded the 2008 Sir Frank Whittle Medal by the Royal Academy of Engineering for his efforts to deliver an environmentally sustainable built environment in a rapidly urbanising world. The Medal is a prestigious industry accolade, awarded for outstanding and sustained achievement which has contributed to the well-being of the nation.

Peter is also strategic adviser to the Chair of the C40 Large Cities and Climate Leadership Group and the Clinton Carbon Positive Programme.

Peter Head
(United Kingdom)

Betty Ho
Ms. Betty S.F. Ho has over 25 years of experience as a professional town planner and is the Director of PlanArch Consultants Ltd. She is the Chairman of the Planners Registration Board. She has been teaching community planning workshops and urban planning for over 15 years as part-time Lecturer / Assistant Professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design in The University of Hong Kong.

She is dedicated to achieving sustainable development and improving quality of life. She is the Director of The Conservancy Association and Member of the Country and Marine Parks Board and Chairman of Country Parks Committee, Member of Advisory Council on Environment, Advisory Council on the Quality of Water Supplies, and Development and Conservation Committee of Urban Renewal Authority.
Dr. Howard is the Founder and CEO of The Climate Group and a leading authority on climate change and the low carbon economy. At The Climate Group, Dr. Howard has established a powerful international coalition of business and government leaders committed to advancing climate change solutions. He is also advising Tony Blair’s recent climate initiative – Breaking the Climate Deadlock – to accelerate political momentum required for international agreement on a global climate deal in 2009. Before co-founding The Climate Group in 2003, Steve worked on a variety of social and environmental issues from within business, NGO and UN settings.

Dr. Howard is a judge on the Virgin Earth Challenge, a World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council member, and an expert on HRH Prince Charles’s Rainforest Forest Project. His Leadership has been recognized by both, Scientific America and Time Magazine.

Dr. Steve Howard
The °Climate Group
(United Kingdom)

Yvonne Huang
Senior Vice President of Commercial Development
ECO Environmental Investments Limited
Ms Yvonne Huang has been working in major energy companies for more than 15 years, such as Hong Kong and China Gas (Town Gas), BP and CLP. As Senior Vice President of Commercial Development in ECO Enviromental Investments Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Town Gas), she is responsible for developing clean energy technology strategy for the company. Before joining ECO, she was seconded by BP to Hydrogen Energy International (a joint venture between BP and Rio Tinto), working in a 400 MW pilot hydrogen power project in London as project finance lead.
As Regional Manager (HSE), Lyn holds the responsibility of overseeing SEA's environmental efforts across all brands and operating facilities in Asia. Her primary focus is in the environmental performance of our supply chain, including Tier 2 material suppliers and adidas own-sites. She also works closely with individual business units and subsidiaries in the development and implementation of specific environmental initiatives.

Lyn Ip
Regional Manager (EHS)
Social and Environmental Affairs
adidas Sourcing Limited

Helen Jia
Chief Representative China
First Climate (China)
Mrs. Helen Jia has started her rich career with a B.A. in clinical medicine; a sector she practiced in for two years before her passion for management and business led her to Europe. In Paris and Oxford, she acquired an M.A. in European Business and worked at Harley Investment Holding’s London office, in a rigorously international setting.

Since she has returned to China in 2002, Helen has gained managerial experience in healthcare related financial projects in China for more than 4 years, before she turned her attention and talents to the Carbon Market. Helen played an essential part in building up Suns Real Technical Ltd., assumed main responsibilities as Director General Manager and gained in-depth knowledge of the CDM market in China as well as the Carbon market in general – she is especially experienced in CMM (coal mine methane), hydro and wind power, LFG (land fill gas), Biomass, Waste heat recovery in industry field and COG.

Mrs. Helen Jia joined First Climate Group in July 2008 to head First Climate’s Beijing Office. Her primary focus is in Carbon Asset Development and expanding First Climate’s Project Finance and Climate Neutral developments in China.
Dr. Martin Joerss is a Principal in the Beijing Office of McKinsey & Company. Since joining the Firm in 1996 he has been working in our offices in Hamburg and Chicago, and since 2004 in Beijing. He leads McKinsey’s climate change activities in China. His recent client studies include:
  • Led 12 months joint project involving the Energy Research Institute of the National Development Reform Commission and the leading experts and academics in China to develop a carbon abatement cost curve for China
  • Led work on technology transfer mechanisms in the context of a potential “global deal” on climate change
  • Analyzed energy efficiency and carbon emission impact in the latest five-year plan in China
  • Worked with European corporations on their market entry and growth strategies for climate change related technologies
  • Worked with one of the largest financial institutions globally to identifyclimate-change related investments in China
  • Conducted series of engagement for leading Chinese manufacturing group
  • Developed corporate and business unit strategy for leading coal mining company in China
  • Led strategy, operations, and organization work for a Chinese steel player
Prior to joining McKinsey & Company, Martin Joerss served as a member of parliament in the state of Hamburg on the committees for finance and science. Martin Joerss holds a Ph.D. in mathematical physics from the University ofHamburg and a diploma in physics from the Free University of Berlin.

Dr. Martin Joerss
Chief Representative China
First Climate (China)

Tim Lancaster
Director in China
Carbon Trust (China)
Before coming to Beijing to establish the Chinese office in August 2008, Tim was Operations Director in London where he developed Carbon Trust’s work with business and created a system for measuring carbon savings. Prior to joining The Carbon Trust, Tim was Head of Technology at BBC Worldwide Ltd; the commercial arm of the BBC which exploits BBC properties across all media around the world; in that role he was involved in a number of joint-ventures and Internet start-ups; and acted as a coach for other BBC executives. Tim has worked as a management consultant in industry and government. He gained a Modern History degree from Magdalen College, Oxford and has taken subsequent courses in environment and negotiation at Cambridge University and Harvard Business School.
Andrew Lawson is Manager of the Environmental Programme at Civic Exchange, an independent think tank in Hong Kong that uses background research and stakeholder liaison to better inform public policy debate and discussion in Hong Kong. Andrew is currently overseeing a range of projects relating to climate change and the role of cities, particularly as it relates to the built environment, transport systems, and energy issues in the urban context. Other environmental projects under his management include exploring the relationship between air quality and public health in Hong Kong, marine- and port-related air quality issues, and water resources in the Pearl River watershed. He has qualifications in law and science from Australia.

Andrew Lawson
Civic Exchange

Bernice Lee
Research Director
Energy, Environment and Resource Governance
Chatham House
(United Kingdom)
Bernice Lee is Research Director for Energy, Environment and Resource Governance at Chatham House, Royal Institute of International affairs. She was Head of the Energy, Environment and Development Programme and Team Leader for the EU-China Interdependencies on Energy and Climate Security project; Director of Policy of the Aga Khan Foundation (UK); Policy and Strategy Advisor of the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development; Warren Weaver Fellow (International Security) at the Rockefeller Foundation; and Research Associate at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. She also worked at the Strategic Planning Unit of the United Nations Secretary-General's office. Bernice holds degrees from the LSE and Oxford University, where she was a College Scholar.
Dewen Mei was born in 1970. Mr. Mei has many years of experiences on investment and financing. Before he became general manager of China Beijing Environment Exchange, Mr. Mei was Executive Partner of a famous foreign investment fund, Deputy Director of Investment and Financing Center of China Beijing Equity Exchange, General Manager of Government Business Department of China Beijing Equity Exchange.

China Beijing Environment Exchange, an entity established with the approval of the Beijing municipal government, is the first state-level Chinese environmental rights and interests trading platform. Beijing Environment Exchange’s activities relate to transfer of environmental-protection and energy-saving technology, emissions trading, CDM information services, as well as ecological compensation and other areas.

Dewen Mei
General Manager
China Beijing Environment Exchange

Alistair Monument
Technical Director
Forest Stewardship Council
Alistair Monument is a qualified auditor and forester with 15 years experience in over 30 countries in corporate social responsibility, supply chain management, accreditation and certification systems, natural resource management and environmental and social impact assessment. Alistair has worked extensively in the private sector and with non-governmental organizations, as well as with national and inter-governmental agencies. For 5 years Alistair worked for FSC International including three years as Head of Accreditation and as the first Director of ASI-Accreditation Services International, FSC’s independent accreditation body. Since 2006 Alistair has been working as Technical Director for FSC in China and as an independent consultant with organizations including Social Accountability International, Marine Stewardship Council, Tropical Forest Trust, WWF, Stora Enso, ASI and the International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labeling Alliance (ISEAL).
Claude Nahon was named EDF Group’s Executive Vice President for Sustainable Development in January 2003. Prior to her appointment, she was Head of Hydro and Renewable Energies.

A graduate of France’s prestigious École Polytechnique, Claude Nahon has been with EDF since 1978, holding managerial positions in both generation and distribution.

In addition to her responsibilities at Electricité de France, Claude Nahon represents EDF Group in different occasions and institutions. She is Liaison Delegate of Pierre Gadonneix in the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development). She sits on IDDRI (Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales) and EPE (Entreprises pour l’Environnement). She is a chair person of a working group in EURELECTRIC about Energy Efficiency.

Claude Nahon
Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development
Electricite de France

Dr. Ole Odgaard
Senior Policy Advisor
Ministry of Climate and Energy
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Mr. Ole Odgaard (born 1958) holds a Ph.D. on Chinese Economic Reforms and has worked in China for 5 years. He has worked in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was posted at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing in 1992-1995. He is now a senior policy advisor in the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy, where he has worked intensively with policies for renewable energy and low carbon solutions in the last 10 years. He is now actively involved in the preparation of COP-15 in Copenhagen.
Janet Pau is Program Director of the Asia Business Council, a Hong Kong-based organization whose membership is limited to Chairmen and CEOs at leading companies with significant interests in Asia. Ms. Pau leads the Council’s research and task force initiatives on building energy efficiency, green jobs, the food crisis, and innovation in Asia. These efforts are focused on developing a collective voice and action among Asian business leaders to enhance the region’s competitiveness.

Previously, Ms. Pau was Manager at A.T. Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council in Washington, D.C. She has done strategy consulting projects for corporate and government clients around the world and co-authored a variety of the firm’s flagship publications. She also worked for the United Nations Secretariat in New York and China's Ministry of Commerce.

Ms. Pau obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University and a Master in Public Policy degree from Harvard University.

Janet Pau
Program Director
Asia Business Council

Andrew Pidden
Principal, Chief Investment Officer, Clean Resources Asia
CRA Management Pte. Ltd
  • Joint founder of clean resources family of funds
  • Previously at Alcor Capital responsible for the Pan Asia portfolio which produced a 15% annualised net return in 2004 and 2005. Portfolio included long/short book, macro trading and options strategies
  • Portfolio manager has traded and invested in Asia since 1989 and lived in Asia Pacific region since 1993
  • From 1985 was a financial analyst at Salomon Brothers before joining Morgan Stanley equity derivatives in 1989. Moved to Hong Kong in 1993 and built the Asian derivatives business
  • Recruited as managing director in charge of Asia ex-Japan equity business by Nat West markets in 1997. Business purchased by Deutsche Bank in 1998 and role expanded to include Australian business
  • Holds MSc in Environmental Technology 2001/2 from Imperial College and MA in Financial Analysis. Experienced in applying the technologies commercially as well as a broad knowledge of developing technologies which will become tomorrow’s standards
John Sayer was a farmer in Wales before moving to Asia in 1976. He worked on rural development projects in India before settling in Hong Kong. He joined the Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) in 1977 to research the impact of foreign economic involvement on Asian economies and workers. As Executive Director of AMRC he worked with trade unions and NGOs in Asia on research and information systems, computer communications and occupational health and safety. In 1991 He joined Oxfam Hong Kong as Program Director and later became Executive Director, working on relief and development in Asia and Africa. In 2001 he moved to Oxford to take up the post of Executive Director of Oxfam International for an interim period. His subsequent role involved consultancy for Oxfam on relations between NGOs and the private sector, and he completed a Masters degree on the same subject. In 2004 he became Director of Africa Now, an Oxford-based development agency working on market-based solutions for small-scale producers in Africa. In 2006 he rejoined Oxfam Hong Kong as Director General.

John Sayer
General Manager
Oxfam Hong Kong

George So
General Manager
Du Pont Apollo Limited
George So is currently the General Manager and Global Director of Sales of DuPont Apollo Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont China Limited. In 1997, George joined DuPont China Limited as Area Manager, Engineering Polymers and eventually move to a General Manager position to oversee the Engineering Polymers business in Greater China. In 2003, he was seconded to the Corporate as the General Manager of Corporate Marketing, Greater China, using One DuPont approach to service the fast growing China market. In early 2009, he was seconded to his current position.

In his community service, starting in 2001, 2003 and 2007, the Foshan Municipality of the Guangdong Government, PRC invited George to be the member of the 8th, 9th and 10th Guangdong Foshan People’s Political Consultative Conference. In August 2009, He was appointed as the Vice-President of the China Energy Association in China.

He is the Fellow and Chartered Marketer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom(FCIM); Vice President and Fellow of the Asian Knowledge Management Association (FAKMA), and Fellow of the Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration (FMBA) and was recently awarded to be the Adjunct Professor of the Institute.

In 2004, 2006, and 2008, He was appointed by the Hong Kong SAR Government to be the member of the Advisory Board of Hong Kong Accreditation Society, part of the Innovation Technology Commission.

George So was borned in Hong Kong. He holds a Honorary Doctoral degree in Engineering from Lincoln University, USA; a Bachelor (B.Sc Honour) and a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering (M.Sc) and a Master Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A) from University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
LIAONING Technical University Bachelor Degree
Denmark Aarhus Business College MBA

Social Position:
  • Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Organizing Committee Green Building Panel --- Senior Consultant
  • Chinese Solar Energy Society Energy-saving Building Professional Commission --- Deputy Director
  • Chinese Renewable Energy Society the 8th Council --- Director
  • Himin Real Estate Beijing Co., Ltd --- General Manager

The major research area:
  • Optimize the construction structure, decrease demands of building energy consumption;
  • Integrate solar energy with building, new energy application in construction;
  • Efficient use of traditional energy, green building integrated solutions.

Hongqi Tan
Vice President
Himin Solar Energy Group

Christopher Tung
Hong Kong Climate Change Forum and Partner,
Mallesons Stephen Jaques
Sir Crispin Tickell, KCVO GCMG is a leading international authority on climate change and environmental issues. The holder of over 20 honorary doctorates, a senior government advisor, and member of numerous committees and working parties, his areas of expertise range from Global Warming to Potentially Hazardous Near-Earth Objects.

Businesses, scientists and academic institutions throughout the world have benefited from his wisdom and practical analysis.

Sir Crispin served at the British embassies in The Hague, Mexico and Paris. He worked with the European Commission and completed his Foreign Office career with a four-year stint as Britain's Ambassador to the United Nations and Permanent Representative on the Security Council.

A contributor to many papers and articles, Sir Crispin has also written reviews for The Financial Times, Nature and The Literary Review. His numerous radio and TV appearances include “The Today Programme”, “Desert Island Discs” and Radio 4's “The Commission”. His published works include Climatic Change and World Affairs.

Sir Crispin Tickell
Director of the Policy Foresight Program, 21st Century School
Oxford University
(United Kingdom)

Tony Tyler
Chief Executive
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
Tony Tyler joined John Swire & Sons in 1977 and moved to Cathay Pacific in 1978. He became Chief Executive of the airline in July 2007. His previous position was Chief Operating Officer of Cathay Pacific, to which he was appointed in January 2005, and prior to that he was Director Corporate Development of the airline for eight years.

Mr Tyler is also Chairman of Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Ltd and a Director of John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Limited and Swire Pacific Limited. He was elected Chairman of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Board of Governors with effect from June 2009.

He is a graduate of Oxford University.
Mr. Clarence Tze is a chartered engineer and a certified carbon auditor professional having over 15 years of experience in environmental management. Clarence has been looking after the environmental matters including climate change on MTR businesses including projects planning, construction, operations, carbon auditing and long term strategic planning. Clarence is currently working for the Operations Division of MTR and is responsible for environmental issues of the MTR operating network.

Clarence Tze
Environmental Engineer
MTR Corporation

Dr. Mark Watson
Head of Environmental Affairs
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
Mark is responsible for Cathay Pacific’s environmental and sustainability strategy and programmes aimed at reducing the airline’s emissions, both on the ground and in the air, including long term technology acquisition and deployment. As part of the Aviation Global Deal (AGD) group, he has been actively seeking a global approach to aviation emissions as part of a post-Kyoto framework at this year’s UNFCCC climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.

He was previously Head of Environmental Affairs at the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) in London, where he led the UK Sustainable Aviation initiative, the world’s first national aviation and environment strategy, working with major airlines, aerospace manufacturers, airports and air navigation services providers.

Prior to aviation, Mark held a number of international consulting and government posts, including 4 years as a sustainability advisor to the Chinese government on its Yunnan Environmental Development Programme (YEDP), based in Kunming.
As the team leader of study on energy efficiency in commercial buildings, Dr. Wei established an on-line energy monitoring and benchmarking system of commercial buildings through detailed metering. By this monitoring and benchmarking system, current situation, characteristics and saving potentials of energy consumption for HVAC, lighting, office appliances in commercial buildings are clearly disclosed with real time energy consumption data. Therefore, Dr. Wei develops data-driven model and data mining methodology for energy consumption in commercial buildings.

Dr. Qingpeng Wei received his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in building services engineering from Tsinghua University. Dr. Wei initiated his research in building energy efficiency (BEE) in 1996. And he was involved in lots of international cooperation projects on BEE, including UNDP-GEF funded CHINA End-use Energy Efficiency Project, World Bank funded CHINA building Energy Efficiency Study etc. Currently. He is leading a research team on energy efficiency in large-scaled commercial buildings which have the highest electricity use intensity among all kinds of buildings in China. Dr. Wei and his team have accomplished energy diagnosis in more than 150 buildings in China, Hong Kong SAR and USA, including 20 office buildings of central government, Beijing Olympic venues, etc. Dr. Wei was also invited to visit and investigate energy data of commercial buildings in France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany and Japan. In addition, with his effort, no-cost retrofitting techniques including control strategy optimization, energy efficiency oriented FDD, have been implemented in about 40 commercial buildings which obtained more than 30% of energy savings.

Professor Qingpeng Wei
Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Building Energy Research Center
Tsinghua University

Professor Richard Welford
CSR Asia
Richard Welford is one of the founders and the chairman of CSR Asia based in Hong Kong. He is also a professor at the University of Hong Kong and a director of ERP Environment, a UK-based publisher.

Richard has twenty years of experience working in the fields of environmental management and social responsibility. He was one of the early pioneers in developing social audit and reporting methodologies with UK-based organisations such as The Body Shop, IBM and Eastern Electricity in the 1990s. Since then, his work has been increasingly Asian focused as a result of his current position as director of the Corporate Environmental Governance Programme at the University of Hong Kong. He has sat on the Swire Environmental Committee as an external adviser for the past four years and has undertaken consultancy work with a number of leading companies, including the MTR Corporation, Disney, CLP, Nike, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, HP, HSBC, Citigroup and Adidas.

Richard’s work has had a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and social justice. Richard has worked with Cathay Pacific and the Swire group developing a climate change strategy. He has also worked on policies and implementation plans covering conservation and biodiversity. For Shangri-La Hotels he is developing initiatives not only covering environmental sustainability but also aspects of human rights and local community engagement. He has been an advocate of human rights auditing as a means of ensuring social justice and has undertaken assessments of the Freeport Human Rights audit in Papua.
Mr K S Wong, an architect, chairs the Professional Green Building Council (PGBC). He is a founding council member of PGBC as well as the founding chairman of the Committee on Environment & Sustainable Development, the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA). With more than 20-year experience in architecture, Mr Wong is now Director + Director of Sustainable Design in Ronald Lu & Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd., integrating the principles of sustainable design in master planning, new construction, urban regeneration as well as research projects. Mr Wong also teaches in various local universities on an adjunct basis. Besides PGBC, Mr Wong is Vice-President of HKIA, Exco Member of BEAM Society, and founding committee member of the forthcoming Hong Kong Green Building Council.

K. S. Wong
Professional Green Building Council

Pat-Nie Woo
Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium
Mr. Pat-Nie Woo is the Director of Central Textiles (Hong Kong) Ltd., an innovation leader in the textile field, with a number of proprietary technologies, including X-Fit and Estex, and is also one of the few Asian (ex-Japan) mills to have exhibited at top global fabric shows such as Premiere Vision and Expofil in Paris.

Woo and Central have been very active in promoting sustainable development in the textile and apparel industry and Central was the first Asian manufacturer in the textile and apparel industry to issues a sustainability report under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

Woo also serves as Chairman of the Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium (SFBC) in Hong Kong. Woo shows his passion in promoting the adoption of sustainable practices across the fashion supply chain, from spinners all the way to garment manufacturers, retailers and designers. Woo is determined to see SFBC becoming an agent of change, making the industry more conscious on environmental issues.
Bachelor degree: graduated from Nanjing University with a major in mass media.
EMBA: graduated from Changjiang Business School.

Working experience:
1995-2000, reporter, editor, vice leader of stand-by reporter group, chief of the news editing division of Southern Daily.
2000-2007,the first vice editor-in-chief, editor-in-chief of Southern Weekly;vice editor-in-chief ,executive chief editor of Southern Weekly Corp.
2003, founded the magazine “Mangazine” affiliated to Southern Weekly.
2007-present,senior editor,head of the administration of Southern Weekly Corp, head of the editor division, head of the business and administration office.

Xi Xiang
Southern Weekly

Calvin Xu
Senior Energy Specialist
International Finance Corporation
Mr. Calvin Xu was appointed Senior Industrial Specialist for Energy and Climate Change in May of 2008. Based in Hong Kong but traveling extensively in the East Asia & Pacific Region, Calvin leads the business development and implementation of IFC’s financing mobilization programs in the region for climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean production. Previously, he served as the head of the innovative China Energy Efficiency Finance Program in Beijing, under which he led the team to successfully build up an energy efficiency loan portfolio of more than $450 million with three Chinese commercial banks. Projects financed with the loan portfolio directly contribute to the total emissions reduction of more than 4.5 million tons of carbon dioxides per annum.

Calvin brings to IFC more than fifteen years of unique experience in the energy and financing businesses. He has worked on projects that cover the whole value chain of energy production, transportation, distribution, trading and consumption, and in the capacity of a business developer, financial adviser or consultant. While Calvin has worked extensively on projects of conventional energy such as coal, oil and gas, his most recent involvements have been in coal liquefaction & gasification, renewable energy and energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Calvin has a bachelor degree of economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and an MBA from Georgetown University. His former employers include Pace Global Energy Services, Enron Corporation, BHP Billiton, and the Chinese Government.
Mr. Jinlin Yang is Deputy Director-General, Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center of the Ministry of Finance. From year of 1989 to 1996, he served various positions in the Ministry. Starting from 1996, he was designated as advisor to Executive Director in the World Bank. After this tenure, he was assigned as director of the World Bank Division of the Ministry. In 2005, he took the position of Alternate Executive Director of the World Bank. From 2007, he returned to Beijing and filled the post of the current position..

He has Master degree of Economics at Peking University and got his Master of Public Administration from Kennedy of Government, Harvard University.

Jinlin Yang
Vice Director, Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center Beijing Office
Ministry of Finance

Professor Chengyi Zhang
Chief Scientist
China National Climate Center
Chengyi Zhang,PhD, Professor, member of Editorial Board for the Emission Factor Database for IPCC National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, member of IPCC Expert Meeting on Revisiting the Use of Managed Land as a Proxy for Estimating national Anthropogenic Emissions and removal.

Coordinated and participated several research projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China, 973 Programme, Special Programme for the sectors on public welfare.

Worked on the impacts of climate change on land carbon stock in University of Aberdeen, UK.

42 papers published in peer reviewed journals.

Interested Research Field:
1)Impacts of climate change on the carbon cycle of terrestrial ecosystems; 2)Influences of climate change on the ecological processes of biodiversity
Zhang Zaidong is the first developer who successfully built and operated a world-class, comfortable, low energy consumption and environmentally-friendly residential community in China. The temperature in each house, such as Beijing Tiptop International Apartments, is between 21 and 25 degree centigrade during winter and summer. There is a 24-hour fresh air cleaning and recycling system that keeps indoor humidity at 50% all year. He has already demonstrated an advanced model of real estate development, contributing to the realization of a sustainable development society. Now he is the Chairman and President of Beijing Fengshang Real Estate Co. Ltd. He is also a registered Chinese real estate appraiser.
(Source: GRI 2006)

Zaidong Zhang
Tiptop International Real Estate

Hang Zhou
Tico Digital Corporation
Zhou Hang, the president of Tico Digital Group, established Foshan Tianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. In 1994. During the past fifteen years, under his management the Group has been becoming a leader in the professional audio and video industry, involved in many important foreign aid projects and the Beijing Olympic venue projects, provided professional equipment and the overall service. Meanwhile, with great achievements in business, he is keen to the public welfare, Co-founded SEE (Society Entrepreneurs & Ecology), invested and participated Fuping Foundation; set up the scholarship and Teachers'reward in the institution of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science in Peking University. and lead employees to join the eco-environmental protection, help the socially vulnerable groups.

Dr. Yongzhang Zhou
Center for Earth Environment and Resources
Zhongshan University
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